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Homes currently for sale through State College Community Land Trust

1505-07 University Drive | $105,000.00 

​​Both units of this duplex are undergoing renovations and will be available in Fall 2023. This high-energy efficiency remodel will improve whole home insulation, upgrade the heating system, finish the basement, and include remodels of the kitchen and bath. The units will also have solar panels added.

Each unit is a 3 bed/1 bath property with approx. 1020 sq ft. (plus basement). The units will be sold to buyers at 50% AMI or below ($51,500 income for 4-person household). Energy bills should be very low in these units and help to minimize monthly housing costs.

Sold Homes


1140 Old Boalsburg Rd


328 Westerly Parkway

1021 South Atherton Street

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