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Support SCCLT

Give your time and support. Share your expertise. Make a gift to support homeowner services. Hear from homeowners and volunteers. Spread the word about SCCLT homes to potential homebuyers. 
Thinking about selling your home? Consider selling to SCCLT. Contact us! ​ Planning your estate? Donate your home, and make it available to future borough home buyers.


Everyone involved with the land trust comes from varied backgrounds. Volunteers serve on various committees including Real Estate and Rehab, Outreach and Development, Finance and Homeowners. We welcome new volunteers anytime!


Everyone involved with the land trust comes from varied backgrounds, but all embrace its mission. Below, some of the founding advocates describe how and why they devoted so many volunteer hours to the SCCLT.

Happy Family State College Community Land Trust

Mary and Mark Wilson

SINCERITY of those involved in the mission of the Land Trust
COURAGE to restore neighborhoods as well as people's lives
COMMITMENT to overcome financial and physical hazards 
LIMITLESS possibilities to live close to work and school, and to neighbors witnessing the positive impacts on their neighborhoods
TRUST extended to those in the Land Trust program, as they take flight with a simple, gentle hand to set them free.

The possibilities of homeownership energized not only the potential homeowner but also volunteers, staff, and even neighbors watching a property being revitalized. Volunteers did yard work, painting, and whatever it took; and many donuts and pizza were passed among the enthusiastic volunteers, rain or shine.


Land in trust. Homes in reach. Forever.

Happy Family State College Community Land Trust
Affordable Home State College Community Land Trust
Happy Family State College Community Land Trust

$50 buys an integrated smoke detector or new thermostat for a home.
$100 enables volunteers to paint two rooms with low VOC paint.
$250 covers the cost of an energy audit, or legal counsel for new home buyers.
$500 purchases a new, energy efficient, lead free window.
$1,000 upgrades electrical service to meet regulatory code requirements
$1,000 provides a new roof

$5,000 down payment on a new home.

State College Community Land Trust, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization under the Internal Revenue Code. The official registration and financial information of the State College Community Land Trust, Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Sell Us Your Home

Are you selling a home in State College Borough? If you enjoy living in State College and want to ensure that your house remains a place working families can call home, give us a call. We purchase one to two modest homes per year, most of which are sold to us by folks like you, who love living in State College, and want to guarantee the same opportunity for future generations. Contact our office today to see if your home might be a good match for our program.

Estate planning? We accept property donations and look forward to learning more about your home.

Seller Testimonials

You can get an idea of the types of homes we purchase by looking at our Homes For Sale page. You can learn more about what motivates folks like you to sell to a land trust by reading the seller testimonials below:

Terry &


"When Terry's mother passed away we were tasked with the responsibility of closing her estate...After meeting with several of the SCCLT members we decided that we wanted to sell to them. We had other interested parties because of the prime location of her property, but were most interested in her home being purchased by the SCCLT in that it would always be a home for a family that otherwise may not be able to afford one. Everyone we came in contact with helped us through the process and offered us help for what is not a fun ordeal, dealing with the death of a loved one. It was very comforting having so many good people behind us helping with the tasks at hand."

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